How Confident Are You On A Scale Of 1 To 10 That Your Google Analytics Data Is Accurate?

I asked this question because I have audited hundreds of Google Analytics accounts in my career and 9 out of 10 accounts have got at least one or two major tracking issues and dozens of other minor issues.

I have discovered major tracking issues even when some of my clients were 100% confident that they were tracking data accurately and they didn't have the need to fix any tracking issues.
You need accurate data in order to do an accurate analysis. Any analysis based on FLAWED data will not be accurate and can also result in HUGE monetary loss.

You have only three options to fix your Google Analytics Tracking issues

Option #1: Fix it yourself

Do your own research on Google and find and fix all the Google Analytics issues yourself. This option will cost you, only your time. 

But there is no guarantee that you will be able to find and fix all the important issues. You are pretty much on your own. Most people select this option unless they realize that it is not that easy as it sounds. 

Option #2: Hire someone to fix it for you.

Hire someone to find and fix all the Google Analytics tracking issues for you. This is the most expensive option. It could cost you hundreds/thousands of dollars.

 Option #3: Follow a battle-tested checklist.

The least expensive option is to follow a battle-tested checklist which is developed by someone who do Google Analytics Audit day and night for a living.
Learn to set up your Google Analytics account correctly and fast using this 62 point checklist. 
62 Points Google Analytics Setup Checklist
62 Points Google Analytics Setup Checklist
Get the 50 pages ebook:
62 Points Google Analytics Setup Checklist
By Himanshu Sharma
Founder of 
What is inside the checklist?
  • Website Audit for Google Analytics Set up
  • Google Analytics Account Level Setup
  • Google Analytics Property Level Setup
  • ​Google Analytics View Level Setup
  • ​Other Google Analytics Configurations
Note: This is no ordinary checklist - it is a result of more than a decade of experience in the analytics industry.
Who is this checklist for?
  • This checklist is for you if you are struggling with correctly setting up your Google Analytics account.
  • This checklist is for you if you are not 100% confident that your Google Analytics account has been set up correctly.
  • This checklist is for you if you care about calculating the opportunity cost of fixing your website tracking issues. If you care about calculating the accurate ROI of your marketing efforts.
  • ​This checklist is for you if you want to stay organised and assure that you don't skip/forget any step in your Google Analytics set up process.

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About the Author 
Himanshu Sharma is the founder of, a digital marketing consultancy based in the UK.

With over 14 years’ experience in digital analytics and marketing, he specialises in helping businesses to better understand their analytics data, as well as fixing their website tracking issues.

Himanshu is the author of four best-selling books on digital analytics and conversion optimization, which are available on Amazon.
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