Get the blueprint for selecting the best Excel charts for data analysis and reporting 
Best Excel Charts for Data Analysis and Reporting
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Best Excel Charts For Data Analysis And Reporting
By Himanshu Sharma
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WHAT'S INSIDE: My step-by-step blueprint for selecting the best Excel charts for data analysis and reporting (40 pages)

Table of Contents
1. The importance of data visualization
2. The anatomy of an Excel chart
3. Most common data types
4. When to use a clustered column chart
5. Breaking a clustered column chart
6. When to use combination charts
7. When to use stacked column chart
8. When to use a 100% stacked column chart
9. When to use a bar chart
10. When to use a line chart
11. When to use a number chart
12. When to use a gauge chart
13. When to use a scatter chart
14. When to use a pie chart
15. When to use a stacked area chart
16. When to use a histogram
17. When to use a Venn diagram
18. Charts to avoid for reporting purposes
19. Best practices for designing column and line charts
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Hi! My name is Himanshu Sharma.

I am a web analytics consultant and founder of Optimize Smart. I have over 12 years experience in web analytics and digital marketing.  

I am specialised in fixing website tracking issues and helping businesses, in better understanding of their analytics data.  

I am the author of three best-selling books on conversion optimization, attribution modelling and email marketing analytics, which are available on Amazon:
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