Learn and master event tracking in Google tag manager
Beginners Guide To Google Tag Manager
Beginners Guide To Google Tag Manager
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Event Tracking Google Tag Manager (50+ pages ebook)

Event Tracking Google Tag Manager (50+ pages ebook)
By Himanshu Sharma
Founder of OptimizeSmart.com 
WHAT'S INSIDE:  My Step-By-Step Blueprint (50 Pages) For Learning and Mastering Event Tracking in Google Tag Manager.

Table of Contents

  • How to track Google Analytics events via Google Tag Manager
  • Basics of event tracking
  • ​Before you start event tracking set up via GTM
  • ​How to track a button click in Google Tag Manager
  • Tracking clicks on a button that is embedded across a website
  • ​How to track link clicks in Google Tag Manager (tracking PDF downloads)
  • ​​How to track outbound link clicks via Google Tag Manager
  • ​How to track form submissions via Google Tag Manager
  • Form field tracking with Google Tag Manager
  • ​Scroll tracking via Google Tag Manager
  • How to track custom events in Google Tag Manager
About the Author 
  • Founder, OptimizeSmart.com
  • Over 15 years of experience in digital analytics and marketing
  • ​Author of four best-selling books on digital analytics and conversion optimization
  • ​Nominated for Digital Analytics Association Awards for Excellence
  • ​Runs one of the most popular blogs in the world on digital analytics
  • ​Consultant to countless small and big businesses over the decade
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