Step by Step Guide to Reading both Standard and Enhanced E-Commerce Reports In Google Analytics
Learn To Read  E-Commerce Reports In Google Analytics
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Learn To Read
E-Commerce Reports In Google Analytics
By Himanshu Sharma
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WHAT'S INSIDE:  My Step By Step Guide To Reading Both Standard And Enhanced E-Commerce Reports In Google Analytics.
Why You Need This Book?
Through e-commerce reports in Google Analytics you can get detailed information about e-commerce activities on your website like: 'total revenue generated by the website', 'number of orders placed on the website', 'average order value', 'e-commerce conversion rate' etc.

Without the ability to correctly read the various e-commerce reports, you will have hard time in understanding the performance of various products and marketing campaigns in driving sales and other conversions.
E-Commerce reports are the most valuable reports in google analytics.

If you do not know how to read them correctly, you will most likely take wrong marketing decisions and lose money.
This can seriously impair your ability to effectively optimize your marketing campaigns for ROI and Conversions.

You do not want to spend majority of your time in guessing, what works and what doesn’t work for your e-commerce business. You need solid data analysis to draw conclusions. This 100+ pages long book can help you with that.
Table of Contents
  •  #1 Difference between Standard and Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking
  •  #2 Standard Ecommerce Tracking Reports 
  •  #3 Standard Ecommerce Tracking: ‘Ecommerce Overview’ Report 
  •         #3.1 E-commerce Conversion Rate 
  •         #3.2 Transactions 
  •         #3.3 Revenue 
  •         #3.4 Avg. Order Value 
  •         #3.5 Unique Purchases 
  •         #3.6 Quantity 
  •         #3.7 Top Revenue Sources 
  •  #4 Charting E-Commerce Data 
  •  #5 Standard Ecommerce Tracking: ‘Product Performance’ Report
  •         #5.1 Product Name 
  •         #5.2 Product Revenue 
  •         #5.3 Avg. Price 
  •         #5.4 Avg. QTY 
  •  #6 Primary Dimensions for Product Performance Report 
  •  #7 Standard Ecommerce Tracking: ‘Sales Performance’ Report 
  •  #8 Standard Ecommerce Tracking: ‘Transactions’ Report 
  •  #9 Standard Ecommerce Tracking: ‘Time to Purchase’ Report 
  •  #10 Purchase Journey of a typical user 
  •  #11 Introduction to E-Commerce Engagement 
  •  #12 Introduction to E-Commerce Abandonment 
  •  #13 Enhanced Ecommerce ‘Overview’ Report 
  •           #13.1 Revenue and Conversion Rate  
  •            #13.2 Transactions 
  •            #13.3 Marketing 
  •           #13.4 Top Sellers  
  •  #14 Enhanced Ecommerce Shopping Analysis reports 
  •  #15 Shopping Behavior Analysis Report 
  •  #16 Shopping Progression and Abandonment 
  •  #17 How to use Shopping Behavior Analysis Report 
  •  #18 Website users re-entering the purchase funnel 
  •  #19 Creating Enhanced Ecommerce Segments via shopping behavior analysis report 
  •  #20 Changing the settings of an Enhanced Ecommerce Segment 
  •  #21 Creating Remarketing Audience from Enhanced Ecommerce Segments 
  •  #22 Removing Enhanced Ecommerce Segment from a Google Analytics Report 
  •  #23 How to apply an existing Ecommerce Segment on a Google Analytics Report 
  •  #24 How to apply an existing Ecommerce Segment on Shopping Behavior Analysis Report 
  •  #25 Shopping Behavior Data Table 
  •  #26 Checkout behavior analysis report 
  •  #27 Checkout Progression and Abandonment 
  •  #28 User re-entering the checkout funnel 
  •  #29 Creating Enhanced Ecommerce Segments via Checkout behavior analysis report 
  •  #30 How to apply an existing Ecommerce Segment on Checkout Behavior Analysis Report 
  •  #31 Checkout Behavior Data Table 
  •  #32 Enhanced Ecommerce Product performance report 
  •            #32.1 Tracking Sales performance of products 
  •            #32.2 Tracking shopping behaviour of products 
  •  #33 Enhanced Ecommerce Sales Performance Report 
  •  #34 Enhanced Ecommerce Product List Performance Report 
  •  #35 Enhanced Ecommerce Marketing reports 
  •  #36 Enhanced E-Commerce Internal Promotion Report 
  •  #37 Enhanced Ecommerce Order Coupon report 
  •  #38 Enhanced Ecommerce Product Coupon report 
  •  #39 Enhanced Ecommerce Affiliate Code report 
  •  #40 Data Drill Downs for improving Product Sales
About the Author 
Himanshu Sharma is the founder of Optimize Smart, a digital marketing consultancy based in the UK.
With over 12 years’ experience in web analytics and digital marketing, he specialises in helping businesses to better understand their analytics data, as well as fixing their website tracking issues.
Himanshu is the author of three best-selling books on conversion optimization, attribution modelling and email marketing analytics, which are available on Amazon:
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