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Beginners Guide To Google Analytics Attribution Modelling
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Beginners Guide To Google Analytics Attribution Modelling
By Himanshu Sharma
Founder of 
WHAT'S INSIDE:  My Step-By-Step Blueprint For Getting Started With Attribution Modelling in Google Analytics.
What is Attribution Modelling and why it is the "key" to your online business success?
Attribution modelling is the process of understanding and assigning credit to the marketing channels which lead to conversions (Goal Conversions and/or E-commerce Transactions).

The objective of attribution modelling is to understand the buying behaviour of your website visitors and to determine the most effective marketing channels for investment. 

You are doing Google Analytics all wrong, if you do not understand and implement Attribution Modelling.
Table of Contents
  •  Introduction
  •   What is Attribution Modelling?  
  •   Why you should use Attribution modelling? 
  •  Acquisition channels
  •   What is 'source' in Google Analytics? 
  •   What is 'medium' in Google Analytics? 
  •   What is 'campaign' in Google Analytics? 
  •   What is Channel (or Marketing Channel) in Google Analytics?  
  •  Default marketing channels 
  •   Understanding Conversions in Google Analytics MCF Reports 
  •   Purge your Analytics data  
  •   Multi-Channel Funnel Reports  
  •   Data discrepancy between multi-channel funnel reports and other reports in Google Analytics  
  •   Conversion Paths  
  •   Multi-channel Funnel Data  
  •   Interaction  
  •   Types of Interactions  
  •  Types of Interaction Analysis  
  •   Channel Labels  
  •   Types of Channel labels  
  •   Channel Grouping  
  •   Conversion Path Analysis  
  •   Segmenting Conversion Paths  
  • Introduction to Google Analytics Attribution Models  
  •   Introduction to Baseline Attribution Models  
  •   Types of Baseline attribution models  
  •   Custom Attribution Models  
  •   Attribution Reports in Google Analytics  
  •   Introduction to Model Comparison Tool  
  •   ROI Analysis in Google Analytics  
  •   Misinterpretation of analytics data and how to fix it  
  •   User journey is Complicated  
  •   Marketing channels effect each other’s performance  
  •   5 Keys to Digital Success in Attribution Modelling 
Watch this short video on Attribution Modelling to learn some more
About the Author 
Himanshu Sharma is the founder of Optimize Smart, a digital marketing consultancy based in the UK.

With over 12 years’ experience in web analytics and digital marketing, he specialises in helping businesses to better understand their analytics data, as well as fixing their website tracking issues.

Himanshu is the author of three best-selling books on conversion optimization, attribution modelling and email marketing analytics, which are available on Amazon:
Himanshu Sharma
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